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There's a forum for every imaginable topic

You name it, there's a newsgroup created for that topic -- newsgroups are that diverse. There's currently over 120,000 newsgroups available.

Be aware that many newsgroups are "junk", so don't get discouraged if you read a group and it contains little or no postings (or just SPAM). You can usually tell an active group by the number of posts in it.

Before you request having a new newsgroup added (yes, it is possible) check to make sure there's not one already in existence. An even better idea would be to use an empty group as your new newsgroup, thus saving bandwidth and having the reliability of using a group that's been available for awhile (and hopefully available on all newsservers throughout the world).

You can request to have a brand new newsgroup added, but I would seriously consider using an existing "empty" newsgroup; here's why:

- no guarantee your newsgroup service provider will add the group
- even if group is added, other newsgroup providers can accept or refuse to add the group to their servers. If others refuse to add the new group, you'll have a limited audience who can access it.

But if you insist on having a newsgroup added, contact your ISP or NSP via email and ask :-)

A few hints on finding your newsgroup

Most (if not all) newsreaders allow searching for newsgroups by keyword. Entering terms like "boat", "pictures", "sports" will yield excellent results that should help you narrow down the groups you're interested in. If you type in "binaries", "alt", "erotic" be prepared to get an extremely large list of results. Enter a keyword a little more specific if you receive too many results.



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